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Hooligans Helps! 

Since 2003, Hooligans Eastside Grill has been part of the community. We have sponsored
countless teams and events and we hope to continue to do all we can to give back. That’s why
we created “Hooligans Helps.”
What is it?
Hooligans Helps is a program that we are creating to help raise money for any cause that wants
to work with us. We coordinate a time for you to bring in like minded people to support your
cause. Anyone who comes in and lets the server know that they are here with the event will
have 15% of their pretax check total donated to the cause!
How does it work?
We will work together with the fundraising coordinator to help pick a date and time frame for
the event. We ask everyone to remember that we are a sports bar so that certain days and
times will not be available. Events will be planned on a case by case basis that is subject to our
approval. Once that happens…get out there and spread the word! For marketing purposes, we
will create a hashtag (#) for each event. Guests with the cause must then write that hashtag on
the receipt when paying the check to distinguish that they came in to support the group and
then ask for the manager to collect it. While we hope to donate as much as we can, we must
ask that you do not market to people in our four walls at the time of the event. Only the checks
of those who came in for the event will be counted.
Once the allotted time expires, the coordinator and the manager will verify the receipts
together and 15% of the pretax total of all the events will be given back in the form of a check
to the organization or person within 14 days. In either case, person or organization, a W-9 will
need to be on file before we can issue it.
p 585.671.7180; f 585.671.1717 809 Ridge Rd Webster, NY 14580
Email us:

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