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NFL Football

Blue, Blue Light, Miller Lt, Coors lt $4.50 Talls $8.50 Pitchers 7-CL

Reverse Happy Hour  9-CL ($1.50 off calls, $1 off wells, $1 off wine)



Kids Eat Free 5-9 pm dining room

$3.50 Corona’s & Modelo’s 5-CL

$4 Espolon shots $5 Espolon Margs 5-CL



Wing Night

Molson, Miller, Coors $4.50 Talls $8.50 Pitchers  7-CL

$4 Recipe 21 Bomb shots 9-CL



NFL Football

Blue, Blue Light, Miller Lt, Coors lt $4.50 Talls $8.50 Pitchers 7-CL

Jack Daniels Night $5 all Jack drinks and shots



Molson, Miller, Coors $4.50 Talls $8.50 Pitchers  7-CL

Buy 2 martinis get a half-price appetizer 9-CL



College Football

Blue Moon $4.50 Talls\Coors LT $3.50 Talls $9 Pitchers All Day

½ price wine bottles with a purchase of an entrée 9-CL


Sunday NFL Football Specials!

Blue, Blue Light, Miller Lt, Coors lt $4.50 Talls $8.50 Pitchers\ Bud Light Rockets $18 All Day

  Buy one get one well drinks 9-CL

Fall/Winter Specials


Cajun Zucchini Boats $11

(2) Baked zucchini boats stuffed with a mixture of tomato, basil, red onion, zucchini, breadcrumbs, and Cajun seasoning,
and drizzled with balsamic glaze.  Served with a side of Cajun ranch


Pierogi $9

10 Mini potato & cheese stuffed pierogi, fried till golden brown and tossed with fresh garlic, melted butter, and caramelized onions



Mixed greens, pico de gallo, roasted pistachios, carrots, fried goat cheese, sherry vinaigrette dressing


Wild Mushroom Swiss Burger $13

An 8 oz. sirloin burger, cooked to your liking and topped with shiitake, portabella, & porcini mushrooms, and melted swiss cheese. 
Served on a toasted brioche roll with your choice of mac salad or house chips


Chicken & Rogi’s $15

Mini cheese & potato stuffed pierogi, tossed with peppers & onions in a parma rosa sauce, and topped with a grilled chicken breast. 
Served with a dinner roll and a side salad


Wild Mushroom Pizza $14

Shiitake, portabella, & porcini mushrooms, shredded mozz, and drizzled with truffle oil